Lab 6 – Algorithm selection

In this lab, I will look at 3 different approaches that deals with audio volume. This is the 3 approaches that the course provided: Three approaches to this problem are provided: 1. The basic or Naive algorithm (vol1.c). This approach multiplies each sound sample by 0.75, casting from signed 16-bit integer to floating point andContinue reading “Lab 6 – Algorithm selection”

Project stage 1 – profiling

Project: FLIF “ FLIF is a lossless image format based on MANIAC compression. MANIAC (Meta-Adaptive Near-zero Integer Arithmetic Coding) is a variant of CABAC (context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding), where the contexts are nodes of decision trees which are dynamically learned at encode time. FLIF outperforms PNG, FFV1, lossless WebP, lossless BPG and lossless JPEG2000Continue reading “Project stage 1 – profiling”

Complier Bootstrapping

Compiler bootstrapping means that the a compiler is coded by it’s own language. For example, a C compiler may write in C. ?????????????????? This is an Chicken-And-Egg question right??? Where is the first version of the language’s complier from? More exactly, which language implemented first Compiler? No question, it is written in Machine Code. AfterContinue reading “Complier Bootstrapping”

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